Christmas sales in Europe

Christmas sales in Europe
Christmas sales in Europe

Christmas in Europe, perhaps, is the most favorite holiday not only because of Christian traditions or nostalgic childhood memories. For many people Christmas is a season of different fairs, markets and sales. Ardent shopaholics from all over Europe are planning their trips and holidays for this period. But the most popular places are not museums and local attractions, but supermarkets and boutiques, which windows have such inscriptions as “Soldes”, “Sales” and “Degreffes”.

European people seriously prepare for sales. In many shopping malls prices fall by 50% and continue to fall throughout the discounts season. But experienced buyers know that if you wait long for a low price, you can miss the thing. Therefore, queues are waiting from the night for the opening of the stores and when they open the first buyers practically slam the doors.

Different countries start the season of sales at different times and have it own features the Christmas fairs. For example, in Germany Christmas markets are held from early December until mid-January. And there can not only buy the desired things, but also have a good rest: show games are organized on the central squares, where are sold baked goods and German mulled wine. The most famous market Christkindlesmarkt is located in Nuremberg. Fashion fans should go to Dusseldorf. In this city, which is recognized as a center of German fashion, are located major boutiques, shopping malls and stores of the best European brands, where big sales season begins after Christmas.

In London the sales season starts on December 27. Here the shopping center is the legendary 'Harrod's' department store, where you can buy almost everything - from underwear to fur coat. The motto of the store is "All things for all people everywhere".

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 30/12/2011

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