New BMW will be presented at the Portugal resort

New BMW will be presented at the Portugal resort
New BMW will be presented at the Portugal resort

German car making company BMW choose Portuguese Algarve resort region to present new creation of the auto giant - updated BMW 3-series.

Algarve has long been popular among the German tourists. It is not surprising that one of the resorts in the region - Parchal Lagoa - became a place where the Bavarian automaker decided to present the work of its designers and engineers.

Presentation will take place at the Arade conference center. The event became known as the BMW 3 Series Product and Brand Experience 2012.
Though presentation is scheduled for February 7, 2011, preparations began already in December 2011. Then hundreds of new cars were placed in the car parking of the conference center.

It is expected that in total 18 thousand people will come to see new BMW in Algarve, including top management of the concern, dealers and journalists from around the world.

Due to the huge influx of visitors, many hotels in Algarve were booked long before the premiere. Hotels were booked not only in Parchal Lagoa, but also at the nearby resorts of Portimão, Albufeira and Vilamoura.

It should be noted that according to the Portuguese press, in particular Internet publication Portugal News, representatives of the German company declined to comment on the number of guests, admitting only that the event will be private and is designed primarily for car dealers.

Anyway, on the eve of one of the major events of this winter in Algarve, not only hotels are booked. The Algarve racetrack was also rented for the test-drive.

Currently Portugal is primarily the region of summer tourism. Incentive tourism is not developed here. Thus, the conference center Arade, which will host BMW presentation, since its opening in 2007 has not hosted such a great event.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 21/01/2012

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