Sabre offers train tickets

Sabre offers train tickets
Sabre offers train tickets
Sabre Travel Network, one of the world's leading suppliers of tourism industry solutions, announced that from May 30, 2012 travel agencies will be able to sell train tickets.

It became possible after signing of an agreement between Sabre Travel Network and ACP Rail International - ACP Marketing division. Now authorized Sabre system users with the help of ACP Rail Sabre Red Workspace application will be able to view the timetable, book and issue train tickets in such countries as UK, USA, Japan, China, Australia, and Scandinavian Peninsula states.

Harald Eisenaecher, the senior vice president of Sabre Travel Network for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: "Railways are very popular in Europe as a means of transportation for short distances both among corporate travelers and private tourists. Our contract with ACP gives the agencies much more options for rail transportation than ever before, including the possibility of booking train tickets separately or with air tickets, hotel and car reservations".

Mr. Eisenaecher added that the possibility of selling railway tickets to the main world destinations and, accordingly, additional commissions from new carriers open new channels of revenue for travel agencies and operators. At the same time they are not required to sign new contracts or obtain additional licenses.

Denis Grenier, the vice president of ACP for marketing and business development, said that partnership with Sabre allows railway carriers to sell tickets for their routes in various countries via authorized travel agencies. In addition, this alliance is a confirmation of the great potential of railway ticket distribution technology created by ACP.

Linden Anton

Date: 19/03/2012

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