New York: 2011 tourism records

New York: 2011 tourism records
New York: 2011 tourism records

New York is ready to set a new record in the tourism history. In 2011 the number of guests, who visited The Big Apple, will be over 50 million. It was announced at the press conference with the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who gave a symbolic "golden ticket to New York" to the
50 millionth visitors to the city - a family from the UK.

Such a high level of interest allowed New York to get the status of a tourist center number 1 in the US in 2011. It is worth noting that the goal to reach
the rate of 50 million visitors by 2012 was set by the city authorities. However the rate was reached already in the current year.

But New York records do not end here. In addition to the total number of visitors New York also expects niche growth in 2011. Thus, the number of foreign tourists is expected to reach 10.1 million, which is up to 4% higher than the previous year. The most loyal fans of the city are United Kingdom residents, which number this year will be more than 1 million.

Against the background of increasing tourist inflow revenue from tourism is also growing. So, in 2011 the city will get about 32 billion dollars from traveling. This figure also puts New York on the first place among the US cities by the size of tourist spending.

Hotels, apartments and other types of tourist accommodation in New York get a significant part of this "tourism pie". The overall number of overnight stays in hotel rooms in 2011 will exceed 25 million.

In 2012 New York intends to set a record in the tourism sector. The city authorities and hotel operators are planning to open dozens of new hotels in the five major areas of the city. According to, about 120 hotels are being constructed today in New York.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 27/12/2011

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