15 destinations with high tourist potential

15 destinations with high tourist potential
15 destinations with high tourist potential
Where to rest and where to go? Book an apartment in Paris in spring or rent a house on Majorca in the hot August? What are the current trends in traveling? World's leading publications with its numerous ratings are regularly trying to answer these questions. Not so long ago TripAdvisor portal also presented it rating, which is published by such leading news agencies of the world as Reuters.

In late February TripAdvisor has prepared a list of vacation destinations, which, according to the authors, have the greatest tourist potential in the world. The first three lines of the rating were occupied by the Eastern European cities.

This year, according to the TripAdvisor, Tallinn has the biggest tourist potential. The capital of Estonia deserved the attention of the resource editors due to successful infrastructure, museums headed by the Museum of Rocca-al-Mare, the charm of the old narrow streets and chimneysweeps.

Riga - the capital of another Baltic state, this time Latvia - won the second place thanks to a wide choice of entertainment, the Old Town, which has recently received World Heritage status from UNESCO, as well as a huge selection of tourist services - from food to accommodation - which can be characterized by the term "budget".

On the third place was Moscow, the capital of the vast Russia. In determining the place of Moscow such terms as "cheap" were among the last criteria. The main Moscow attractions for TripAdvisor were such popular prints as the Kremlin and the Red Square. Among other tourist attractions, according to the famous portal, is watching of passers-by on the Pushkin Square.

The fourth place was occupied by another price record holder in Europe - Zurich. The main financial center of Switzerland attracted the portal editors with a large number of museums, Chagall’s stained glass windows in the Fraumunster church, free bike rentals, as well as more than 500 clubs and bars.

Tourist potential of the Turkish resort of Fethiye was ranked fifth in the list due to the relative small number of people compared with the other resorts in the region, fabulous Oludeniz beaches with the Blue Lagoon (Turkish national park), picturesque ruins nearby and shopping.

The full list of destinations, which, according to TripAdvisor, would become famous worldwide, is the following:

1. Tallinn, Estonia
2. Riga, Latvia
3. Moscow, Russia
4. Zurich, Switzerland
5. Fethiye, Turkey
6. Seminyak, Indonesia
7. Vilnius, Lithuania
8. Austin, TX
9. Chania, Greece
10. Chaweng, Thailand
11. Bordeaux, France
12. San Sebastian, Spain
13. Lyon, France
14. Essaouira, Morocco
15. Mendoza, Argentina

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 05/03/2012

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