Balloon Festival in Switzerland

Balloon Festival in Switzerland
Balloon Festival in Switzerland

In a small Swiss village of Chateau d'Oex, located in the southeast part of the Vaud canton, on January 21 will begin the balloon festival (Festival International de Ballons de Château-d'Oex). Venue for this exciting spectacle in Switzerland was not chosen by chance. In addition to the highly advantageous geographical location (Chateau d'Oex is located at the junction of two valleys and three highways) and natural beauty, this region has a special microclimate, so here are formed stable upward air flows, which make Chateau d'Oex an ideal place ballooning, gliding and all kinds of parachuting. Therefore here since 1979 is held the week-long annual Festival International de Ballons de Château-d'Oex. More than 80 participants from 17 countries will show their skills in riding hot air balloons.

2012 festival program in addition to the standard events will include festive evening show Sound and Light with illuminated airships and fireworks, which will be held on January 27. On the same day will be celebrated 13 anniversary of the record-breaking start of the Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones balloon round the world trip (45000 kilometers), which, by the way, took place in Chateau d'Oex.

The festival on January 25 will be dedicated to the children. They will be able to ride on hot-air balloons (however fixed to the ground with a rope), take part in numerous competitions and quizzes receiving bright gifts and souvenirs. During the festival will also be held other interesting events as group skydiving, paragliding demonstration flights, aerobatics competitions, and radio-controlled model contests. Many interesting events such as banquets, concerts and photo exhibitions will be held on the ground. The organizers did their best to make the week in Chateau d'Oex the unforgettable event for spectators and participants.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 18/12/2011

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