Windmill Park will be opened in Bodrum

Windmill Park will be opened in Bodrum
Windmill Park will be opened in Bodrum

Bodrum, one of the most popular Aegean Sea resorts in Turkey, in the near future is going to present a new landmark. It will be a windmill park.

Eight old windmills near Bodrum are planned to be transformed into a modern recreation center. Resort authorities supported by the local business plan to restore the mills and create a brand new tourist center. All windmills will be connected with each other. On the park territory will be opened restaurants and cafes.

Mills are located in the historic suburb of Bodrum, known as Gumbet. Each year thousands of tourists come here. According to the Turkish edition Hurriyet Daily News, the project is primarily aimed at preserving unique historic monuments and developing their tourist potential.

It is worth noting that only one mill located in Gumbet was restored. Others are in poor condition despite huge popularity among the Turkish and foreign tourists.

In addition to restaurants and cafes in the mill park will also be created decorative pools, subtropical gardens and spacious parking.
Currently poor condition of the mills is one of the main problems of Bodrum, which distorts its image of the holiday seaside resort. Restoration of the mills will corrected the "scar" on the vacation "face" of the city.

Gumbet district today enjoys great popularity among the tourists not only because of the mills, but also due to the beautiful panorama of the Bodrum waterfront and the old castle.

Currently initiators of the project for the mills restoration have already managed to get support from the landowners, on whose territories these mills are located. In case of the project approval restoration works could begin already this year.

Bodrum is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey known for its beaches and architectural attractions. Thus, in Bodrum are located ruins of one of the seven wonders of the world - the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, as well as the main monument of the modern city - Bodrum Castle of St. Peter, where today are exhibited items of the UluBurun treasure found on the sunken Phoenician ship.

Date: 13/01/2012

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