Holidays in Brazil: tourists are coming

Holidays in Brazil: tourists are coming
Brazil now holds the first rank among the Latin American countries by the rate of the tourist flow growth. According to the government forecasts in 2012 tourism industry in Brazil grew by 7.8%.

In 2011 revenues from tourism in Brazil were amounted to 79 billion dollars. At the same time, when taking into account the indirect revenues from the tourism mate activities, the figure is even more impressive - 213 billion dollars, which is more than 8% of GDP.

It is worth noting that demand for holidays in Latin America is growing in many countries, including Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina. However, growth rate in these countries is lower - 3-4% per year.

In Brazil tourism is an industry that employs today more than 7 million people or 8% of the total working-age population.

There is no doubt that in the coming years Brazil can expect a tourist boom. And here important role play world‘s major sporting events. In 2014 the country will host the FIFA World Cup and in 2016 – Olympic Games. To these events is added Brazilian carnival, which each year ensures tourist growth in the country's main tourist region of Rio. Another impetus for tourism growth in Brazil will have to be cruise, which are gaining increasing popularity in this country.

Accommodation rentals in Brazil are not very popular among the tourists. However, on the portal you can book a flat or an apartment in Brazil at such leading resorts of the country as Salvador de Bahia and Recife. In general Latin America promises to become a popular tourist trend in 2012 closely competing with traditional leaders - Asian countries. According to the World Council of Tourism and Travel, Latin America can expect 6.5% growth in the tourism industry, while Asia - 6.7%

Ilya Kalachev

Photo: Marcus Lenk

Date: 29/03/2012

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