TripAdvisor is blamed for fake reviews

The proceedings had been initiated after the complaint, where was mentioned that volumes of biased and distorted information in reviews reached "epidemic" level.

Paris will host the Techno parade

On September 17, 2011 in the French capital will be held a grand scale event - Paris Techno Parade. About 20 carnival platforms with DJs and musicians playing techno will travel from the Denfert Rochereau square in Montparnasse to the Place de la Bastille, where will be held the main techno party.

Super concert in Paris: Rock on the Seine 2011

Festival Rock en Seine 2011 may well break the record of attendance, established in the past, in 2010. Then looked at the live performances of the headliners - Queens of the Stone Age, Massive Attack, Roxy Music, Band of Horses, Arcade Fire and Beirut has gathered a total of 105 thousand people.
island, Greece

Vacation in Europe in September 2011?

September is velvet season for most beach destinations in Europe. Resorts in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal still celebrating summer, and prices for accommodation, meals and entertainment are considerably reduced. Discounts for rest in September, up to 50% from the August cost. At the same time, many megapolises of Europe also noted at a massive festivals and holidays. So where we will decide to rest in September 2011?

In Budapest was celebrated St. Stephen's Day

In Hungary took place one of the most favorite local Catholic holidays, comparable only with Christmas - St. Stephen's Day.

Villa in Dubai only for 7 million dollars

Nakheel developer, which is known as one of the leading developers in Dubai, marks falling of prices for real estate built on a unique man-made island Palm Jumeirah. Thus, the company reported that a luxury villa on the Palm Jumeirah, which...

Greece will celebrate the Feast of the August full moon

This Saturday, on August 13 all Greece will celebrate the Feast of the August full moon. This tradition started at the beginning of the last century in Athens, when during the August full moon citizens went to the Acropolis to admire the view of the city at night in light of the full moon.

Google searches for hotels, while Bing for attractions

The brainchild of Microsoft - Bing search engine - introduced a new service Bing Attraction, which was developed in conjunction with one of the most popular resources of tourist reviews on the Internet -

Holidays in Finland: Kuopio Wine Festival

Holiday in Finland: it is not only balanced austere beauty of lakes, fishing and spa. So, the resort of Kuopio in Eastern Finland invites everybody on July 1, 2011 for the opening of the International Kuopio Wine Festival, which begins on the first of July and lasts for eight days.

Holidays in Greece: Live your Rock festival

Fans of classic rock are recommended to visit sunny Greece, as here this summer will be held a record number of concerts of world rock stars. Musical season in Greece opened the legendary band Deep Purple, which play at the end of May 4 concerts with the Greek rock musician Vasilis Papaconstantinou. It was followed by British The Cult, as well as Iron Maiden, Slipknot and Mastodon, who played several concerts in the first half of June in Terra Vibe Park in Malakas.

Holidays in Denmark in June: Days of Tordenskiold

Holidays in Denmark have prepared a lot of surprises for those, who are going to visit this country in summer 2011. Thus, in the north part of Jutland, on the Kattegat Gulf coast is located a small Danish town of Fredrikshavn.
British Beer Festival

Derby Beer Festival: British Beer Festival

Located in central England in the Derbyshire County, the town of Derby is considered to be the capital of beer and ale, and local residents are confident that the first real ale was brewed here. In the city there is a real cult of beer, so it is not surprising that every year in Derby is held a great Derby Beer Festival.

Amateur bullfight will be held in Spain

In Spain, in the autonomous community of Aragon is located Teruel province with the eponymous capital. Teruel famous for at least two reasons. One of them is the ancient medochar architecture, included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Switzerland: Art Basel 2011

In the Swiss city of Basel on June 15, 2011 will begin traditional art exhibition Art Basel, which will last up to June 19. This event is one of the most anticipated among art lovers around the world. The magazine "The New York Times" called Art Basel the "Art Olympics", and the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung "Art in its best display"

Holidays in Norway: Bashmet in Harstad

In the cultural center of Tromso, which is located in northern Norway, in the city of Harstad from 18 to 26 June will be held a traditional arts festival (Festspillene i Nord - Norge). This is the most significant cultural event in the country during the summer season.

Diving in Italy 2011

The main centers of diving in Italy are located on the islands. Along the coast of Elba, Sicily and Sardinia are located best diving schools in Italy.

Who will buy Austrian mountains?

To date, as reported by AFP, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft already received several offers to purchase the mountains. In particular, according to the local publication Kleine Zeitung, at least 20 people sent their applications. Austrian authorities plan to get at least 121,000 euros for the peaks.

Airports are closed in South America due to the volcano

Volcano eruption in Chile forced to close airports in many South American countries. Ash cloud, which is crossing the continent, has already reached Argentina and Uruguay.

Dutch coffee shops will be closed to foreigners

Dutch authorities intend to deal with increasing number of narcotic tourists. According to CNN, the government intends to restrict access of foreigners to the world-famous coffee shops.

Most popular cities in the world in 2011

London promises to be the most popular tourist destination in 2011. This forecast was published by one of the leading payment systems in the world - MasterCard.

Holidays in Italy: agro tourism in Piedmont

Agro tourism in Piedmont is an opportunity to live in a region that became famous far beyond the borders of Italy as one of the gastronomic centers and a center of leisurely vacations.

Cruises on the Amazon: new liner in Peru

Aqua Expeditions tourist company, which organizes cruises on the Amazon basin in Peru, introduced new luxury cruise ship.

Iceland: Viking festival in the country of volcanoes

On 16 June 2011 on the southwest coast of Iceland in the small port town of Hafnarfjörður will begin an international festival of Vikings.

Holidays in Alicante: Night of fires

June 19-24, Alicante: Night of fires of St. Juan (Hogueras de San Juan)

Austrian resort will build a water park

A unique spa resort Bad Loipersdorf located in Austria celebrates this year its thirtieth anniversary.
Venice, apartments

Holidays 2011: foreign private sector

As a result, win not only hotels that have traditionally claimed the lion's share of the total expenditure for tourist accommodation. 2011 holiday season in private sector can also show significant growth. And this growth is largely achieved through the development of online rental services.

Best nudist beaches 2011

Reviews portal is known not only through its extensive database of tourist responses, but also its special ratings based on users’ estimates. Among the latest ratings prepared by portal is the list of top 10 nudist beaches in 2011, based on the opinions of users of the portal

Property in the UK: rental prices set a record

Housing rental market in the UK in April 2011 demonstrated an unprecedented rise in prices. This is illustrated by the data of the British consultancy in real estate LSL Property Services.

100-meter hostel will be built in Barcelona

In Barcelona will be build a giant hostel. As a result of the international architectural contest, the winner was the popular Polish designer architectural studio UGO architecture.

Holidays in France: the castle behind the scenes of history

France is a cherished dream of many travelers. And not only Paris with the Champs Elysées and the Eiffel Tower, real champagne and Napoleon cognac. For most tourists visiting this country, France remains the world center of culture and fashion.
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