Austrian resort will build a water park

Austrian resort will build a water park
Austrian resort will build a water park

A unique spa resort Bad Loipersdorf located in Austria celebrates this year its thirtieth anniversary. In connection with this event during the entire holiday season (here it lasts almost all year round) visitors can expect various surprises. The most important of which will be opening of the great amusement water park at the resort. Literally two weeks later visitors will be able to enjoy 7 pools, including huge Acapulco pool, wave pool, as well as pools with water from therapeutic hot springs. Start of other rides (high hill, viewing platform, descend on wheeled platforms, etc.) is planned for autumn. In the first months water park will offer its guests significant discounts, and children under 16 will be able to visit it for just 1 euro. Feature of the new water park is that it will be the first complex of this type, built right into the woods.

Located in Styria (160 km from Vienna), thermal baths of Bad Loipersdorf are one of the largest in Europe. Its history began in 1972 when as a result of drilling at a depth of 1100 meters was discovered water reservoir with thermal waters +62 C. After medical research scientists identified exceptional therapeutic properties of this water. In addition the region itself is rich in volcanic clay rich in gray, mud baths from which are indispensable for treatment of orthopedic diseases. All these factors led to creation of this thermal spa.

Currently, Bad Loipersdorf offers visitors almost all types of water and mud curative procedures, including hydroelectric and galvanic baths, cryo-therapeutic procedures and lymphatic drainage. In addition, there are tennis courts, bike tours and horseback riding, as well as golf course and even possibility to ride a balloon.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 27/05/2011

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