Google searches for hotels, while Bing for attractions

Google searches for hotels, while Bing for attractions
Google searches for hotels, while Bing for attractions

Already two world's leading search engines have just presented new tourist applications.

The brainchild of Microsoft - Bing search engine - introduced a new service Bing Attraction, which was developed in conjunction with one of the most popular resources of tourist reviews on the Internet - Features of the new Bing Attraction service allow searching in the database of 50000 sites around the world located in 6.600 cities, including such world-renowned tourist centers like Paris, London, New York or Barcelona. In fact, Bing has created a unique base of "see-and-die" sites around the world.

Bing service provides for wide opportunities to filter the results, including such categories as art and culture, "green world", lakes, beaches, rivers, and much more. Search results are redirected to the pages, where users can read the reviews about some attractions. Moreover, as additional option, users are offered to rate the editor of the attraction and best for kids rating - the world's best sites for family visits.

In turn, Google search giant announced the release of hotel reservation service. The company introduced its new Hotel Finder service. Hotel Finder is a search engine that searches for hotels, compares prices on accommodation and allows selecting of hotels according to several criteria. Among the advantages of the system is expanding of the hotel search with the use of special graphical interface on the map, as well as making its own short-list for further analysis. Currently this service is available only for the United States. When it will be localized in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Runet countries is not yet clear.

It is worth noting that Google Hotel Finder is not the first online tourist service. Previously, the company announced its own service on searching for tickets.

As for the major search engine of Runet - Yandex – it launched its own service on searching for tickets earlier than Google. However, Yandex hasn’t yet such service as Hotel Finder.

Date: 02/08/2011

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