Who will buy Austrian mountains?

Who will buy Austrian mountains?
Who will buy Austrian mountains?

From now on Austria is among the countries, which authorities are willing to sell not only factories, but also natural attractions. Austrian authorities have decided to sell the mountain. Two Austrian peaks - Grosse Kinigat and Rosskopf - were offered for sale as real estate objects on the site of the Federal Agency for Real Estate Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft.

To date, as reported by AFP, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft already received several offers to purchase the mountains. In particular, according to the local publication Kleine Zeitung, at least 20 people sent their applications. Austrian authorities plan to get at least 121,000 euros for the peaks.

Both mounts are located in the Carnic Alps region near the border with Italy. The height of both peaks is over 2600 meters. The mountains are popular among mountaineering and rock climbing amateurs. The total area of the territory is 1 square kilometer.

Residents of nearby villages were unsatisfied with the idea of the government to sell the mountains. The Austrians are upset not only by the fact of selling the mountains, but also by disrespect of the authorities to the historical memory of its people. So, on the slopes of the mountain is located a memorial in honor of one of the battles of the First World War.

Kartitsch village is the closest settlement to the mountains. Its mayor, Joseph Auszerlehner, as all residents had been shocked by the news about the sale of the mountains. He said that it reminds the situation in Greece, where the government in order to cope with the financial crisis is selling the islands. Anyway, in Kartitsch believe that the villagers have the right to participate in deciding the fate of the mountains and that local government should have the right to refuse the offer.

It is still unknown whether the Federal agency for real estate intends to take into account the views of the Kartitsch residents. It is only known that buyers are able to send applications until July 8, 2011.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 14/06/2011

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