Iceland: Viking festival in the country of volcanoes

Iceland: Viking festival in the country of volcanoes
Iceland: Viking festival in the country of volcanoes

On 16 June 2011 on the southwest coast of Iceland in the small port town of Hafnarfjörður will begin an international festival of Vikings.

Despite the fact that Iceland was the last settled European country and is only 1100 - 1200 years old, Icelanders appreciate their culture, originating from the ancient Vikings, who were the first inhabitants of the country. Most ancient customs and festivals have survived intact to our days, and the language virtually has no adoptions, even the ancient glima wrestling, which was invented and brought to the island by Vikings, preserved only in Iceland. Probably because of the identity in Iceland is traditionally held a festival dedicated to the Vikings, despite the fact that their homeland is Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Festival itself takes place in the ethnic "Viking Village" or Fjorukrain, which is located near the center of Hafnarfjörður nearby the Viking hotel. To the festival, which will last till June 20, will come historians, reenactors and simply Viking enthusiasts from around the world. We should not forget that the Vikings not only warlike people, but also farmers, craftsmen and excellent ship builders, as well as poets and artists. Therefore, at the festival will be presented old clothes, demonstration battles, skald performances and production of northern arts and crafts: horns, swords and jewelry. Tourists will be able to hear traditional music, take part in archery and try the Viking cuisine. And in the Viking museum will be presented interesting exhibits: paintings and sculptures of the most famous artists of Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Hafnarfjörður, known as the "city on the lava" since it is located near the Burfell volcano, (which erupted about 7000 years ago), is located only 10 km from Reykjavik and 40km from the international airport of Keflavik.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 31/05/2011

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