Holidays in Norway: Bashmet in Harstad

Holidays in Norway: Bashmet in Harstad
Holidays in Norway: Bashmet in Harstad

In the cultural center of Tromso, which is located in northern Norway, in the city of Harstad from 18 to 26 June will be held a traditional arts festival (Festspillene i Nord - Norge). This is the most significant cultural event in the country during the summer season. At the festival are presented practically all genres of music, theatrical and visual arts, along with literature and cinema. The festival’s program is scheduled so that any visitor, regardless of age and preferences in art, during each day of the festival week will be able to discover something new and interesting.

For the first time Festspillene i Nord - Norge was held in 1965, when at the initiative of a journalist John K. Nilssen occurred the first meeting of representatives of the mayor's office, tourist industry and union of musicians. It was originally created as only musical project, but later the festival expanded its format and now here come theater, circus and dance groups, as well as writers and artists. Particular attention is paid to young talents. Simultaneously with the festival week in June is organized the Children's Festival and the North Norwegian Youth Festival.

This year's festival includes concerts of the famous Russian orchestra led by Yuri Bashmet, famous Chinese modern dance troupe, Ronaldo comedy circus shows, as well as performances of 25 young Norwegian bands and artists. In addition at Festspillene i Nord - Norge will perform singers and artists from 22 countries. During each day of the festival will be held special events for the youngest visitors: fabulous performances, educational classes and competitions. The festival will opened by the "White Haze" art exhibition.

Harstad is not only the cultural capital of Tromso, it is also located in the center of car and water routes of Northern Norway. From the city just in 3 hours tourists can get to the Rolarzoo polar zoo, as well as to visit Tromso, which is considered to be Northern Paris. Only 20 minutes from Harstad is located Neupen, which annually attracts thousands of loving couples from Europe to watch the midnight sun. According to the legend, after this their love will be long and happy.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 18/06/2011

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