100-meter hostel will be built in Barcelona

100-meter hostel will be built in Barcelona
100-meter hostel will be built in Barcelona

In Barcelona will be build a giant hostel. As a result of the international architectural contest, the winner was the popular Polish designer architectural studio UGO architecture. It suggested Barcelona a unique project of a new international hostel - Barcelona rock. This fantastic 100-meter facility will look like a huge stone pillar, situated on a hill on the outskirts of Barcelona.

It will be a man-made rock, with caves and cave lakes inside and green plantings outside. On the surface are equipped places for bird nesting and are opened viewing platforms overlooking the capital of Catalonia. Some terrace can be reached only from the surface using alpine equipment. The building itself is made of blocks of natural stone (the height of each is at least 4 meters) set on steel concrete piles. These blocks will be placed at a short distance from each other to provide natural ventilation. The advantage of using natural stone in local environment is that it radiates heat at night and cools the air during the day.

The author of the project and leading architect of UGO architecture Hugon Kowalski called it a "Bohemian hostel for tourists". According to his plan living areas will be located not only inside the Barcelona rock, but also on its surface, where in the atmosphere of "artificial primitivism" will be located several bungalows. In addition, Barcelona rock can offer its visitors fifty rooms with panoramic windows, jumping pool, stylized mountain waterfall, SPA center, fitness room, bar and several sites of various difficulty for mountaineers and rock climbers.

Due to the unusual, but not provocative new design hotel will perfectly fit into the overall style of the city and become an integral and natural part of the architectural image of Barcelona.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 20/05/2011

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