Amateur bullfight will be held in Spain

Amateur bullfight will be held in Spain
Spain, bullfighting in Teruel

In Spain, in the autonomous community of Aragon is located Teruel province with the eponymous capital. Teruel famous for at least two reasons. One of them is the ancient medochar architecture, included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. The second is an amateur bullfight La Vaquilla del Ángel, which will be held this year from 1 to 11 of July.

During the bullfight Teruel is virtually flooded with visitors and its population increases by more than 5 times. Vaquilla del Ángel is an amateur bullfight with young bulls. Young bulls in Teruel are very popular. It is enough to mention that the bull is depicted on the emblem of the city and the main square is called Torico (calf), and here on the high pedestal column is located a statue of a young bull. Vaquilla begins from this statue. Early in the morning one participant climbs to the top of the column and ties a red handkerchief to the calf. After this the holiday is considered to be opened.

During the next few days along the city are driven several tied pairs of bulls. Because they don’t have any horns Vaquilla is almost not dangerous. However, this does not prevent all visitors to get fun and streets are literally filled with wine, which is sold on every corner and wine dousing is a kind of tradition. The fun does not stop even for a moment during all days of the holiday. On the streets of the town is heard music, fireworks and songs. At midnight on Monday, according to the tradition, headscarf should be removed from the statue and it should be made by the man, who tied it, but because of wine it is often very problematic. However, many local residents have a very negative attitude to such bacchanalia and leave the city fo the time of La Vaquilla del Ángel.

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Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 19/06/2011

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