Cruises on the Amazon: new liner in Peru

Cruises on the Amazon: new liner in Peru
Cruises on the Amazon: new liner in Peru

Aqua Expeditions tourist company, which organizes cruises on the Amazon basin in Peru, introduced new luxury cruise ship.

M/V Aria is a new ship, which in July will begin its first cruise on the Amazon River and its tributaries Ucayali and Maranon. By comfort and quality of service Aria is more like water penthouse and is similar to the five-star hotel. River travel on the new vessel is ideal for those tourists, who prefer secluded elegant vacations in exotic places. On a fifty-meter ship are only 16 cabins, the rest of the place is occupied by the observation site on the upper deck, a small spa salon and relaxation room, as well as exclusive restaurant. Chef here is Pedro Miguel Chiafino, who is one of the top five chefs in Peru. All together this will allow travelers to visit in luxury atmosphere the most reserved places of the Amazon jungles, to see the life of local tribes that are practically uncivilized, as well as to observe in the natural environment pink dolphins, iguanas, caimans and giant tropical butterflies. Tourists even do not have to leave their cabins as they are equipped with large panoramic windows. The total number of passengers does not exceed 30 people. Duration of the voyage is 3,4 or 7 nights with departure from Iquitos (100 km from Lima).

M/V Aria is the second ship of this class, which was acquired by the cruise company. Two years ago was launched cruise yacht Aqua that is able to take on board 16 passengers, but despite quite high price of the travel, a new route was so popular that it was decided to purchase another similar vessel.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 31/05/2011

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