In Budapest was celebrated St. Stephen's Day

In Budapest was celebrated St. Stephen's Day
In Budapest was celebrated St. Stephen's Day
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In Hungary took place one of the most favorite local Catholic holidays, comparable only with Christmas - St. Stephen's Day.

Month of August for Hungary is absolutely special. It’s connected not only with perfect weather of last month of summer and long-awaited vacation, but also with one of the most important holidays of the country - the Day of St. Stephen, which is celebrated annually on August 20.

St. Stephen's Day – isn't only long-awaited Catholic holiday, it's one of the main public holidays in Hungary, the day of foundation of Hungarian state, the day of honoring of the first king of Hungary - Stephen I the Saint.

Present celebrations in honor of St. Stephen were traditionally accompanied by a luxuriant mass folk festivals, parades, concerts and traditional fireworks. On the main cathedral in Budapest, St. Stephen's Cathedral, that stores the national holy of Hungarians - the holy relics of Stephen I the Saint - held the Mass in honor of the first king of Hungary.

As part of celebration of the St. Stephen's Day was the Festival of Bread, which took place on August 20 at the Danube, on the Kossuth Lajos tér square, not far from one of the great sights of Budapest - the Parliament building. Here have passed concerts of folk music and dance shows, as well as a course on baking bread, which became a great entertainment for the whole family.

The St. Stephen's Day ended with fireworks in the famous Gellert Hill.

Alesia Belaya

Date: 29/08/2011


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