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Apartments in Venice - you can book it online

Summer holiday season in 2011 is now predicted by the experts to be the most successful period since the start of the financial crisis. Moreover, such traditional holiday destinations in Europe as Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia win not only at the expense of economic stability, but also due to market conditions. Political crisis in North Africa redirect the flow of tourists from Egyptian beaches to the beaches of Costa Brava, Sardinia, Varna and Split.

As a result, win not only hotels that have traditionally claimed the lion's share of the total expenditure for tourist accommodation. 2011 holiday season in private sector can also show significant growth. And this growth is largely achieved through the development of online rental services.

Today renting of villas in Spain, choosing of vacations in Italy or booking of apartments in Portugal, France or Bulgaria is available at amazing prices. For a number of tourists it is a surprise, for example, that a villa in France in July can be booked for just 417 euros per week for 4 people. Or a cozy house in Greece for 4 people in June just for 387 Euros per week.

There are portal offers for some 2011 summer holiday destinations in the European private sector with prices:

Villa on Corsica - from 239 euros per week
Apartments on Malta - from 119 euros per week
Apartment in Bahia Domitius - from 504 euros per week
Cottage in Kusadasi - from 299 euros per week
Apartments in Barcelona - from 490 euros per week
Private accommodation on Tenerife - from 341 euros per week

Rental prices are taken from actual offers of the portal Portal during last 6 years offers tourists the opportunity to book accommodation in the European private sector on their own. Simple and convenient mechanism for selecting, direct contact with owners, reliable partners - all this allows to secure booking procedure and make it convenient for users. Portal works with private landlords and large proven European agencies on leasing of tourist property.

Ilya Kalachev

Photo: Alesia Belaya

Date: 27/05/2011

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