Airports are closed in South America due to the volcano

Airports are closed in South America due to the volcano
Airports are closed in South America due to the volcano

Volcano eruption in Chile forced to close airports in many South American countries. Ash cloud, which is crossing the continent, has already reached Argentina and Uruguay.

International airports in Argentina and Uruguay seem to be the latest victims of the Chilean volcano Puyehue, which began erupting on June 4, 2011. Currently they have stopped receiving and departing aircrafts in connection with the ash cloud, which interfere with the aircraft engines.

According to Reuters, over 300 flights were canceled. For example, two largest airports in Buenos Aires - Ezeiza and Airpark - refused to receive aircrafts. It is worth noting that Buenos Aires is one of the key cities not only for many continental flights, but also for Europe and the USA.

Closure of the airports caused cancellation not only of regular flights. Jose Mujica, the President of Uruguay was forced to cancel his visit to Argentina.

In total 6 airports were closed in Argentina.

Volcanic ash affected not only the airports. The most famous ski resort in Argentina - Bariloche - has also suffered from ash. Bariloche administration was forced to declare the alarm and ask resort guests not to exit from the rooms until the volcanic cloud pass away.

Airport of the Uruguayan capital Montevideo has also decided to cancel receiving and departing of flights until the cloud pass away.

On the eve of June 8 Brazil was forced to cancel part of the flights as the cloud covered one of the largest ports in the country - Porto Alegre. Here suspended its work Salgado Filho Airport.

Anyway, volcanologists predict that the Chilean volcano will lose it power. It is hoped that by the end of this week many airports will be able to resume their work.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 14/06/2011

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