Holidays in Denmark in June: Days of Tordenskiold

Holidays in Denmark in June: Days of Tordenskiold
Holidays in Denmark in June: Days of Tordenskiold

Holidays in Denmark have prepared a lot of surprises for those, who are going to visit this country in summer 2011. Thus, in the north part of Jutland, on the Kattegat Gulf coast is located a small Danish town of Fredrikshavn. It is widely known among gourmets and lovers of marine fish as here is caught the best flounder in the world. Even the word "frederikshavner", which means a resident of Frederikshavn, also denotes to flounder of superior quality. However, every year in late June Frederikshavn attracts tourists from all over Europe, who are interested not in seafood, but in colorful historical festival Days of Tordenskiold.

Days of Tordenskiold (this year it will be held from 24 to 26 of June) is a costumed reconstruction festival, which is devoted to the Great Northern War (1709-1720). Each year in the harbor is organized a dramatization of one of the naval battles of the war. In the costumed reproduction are involved more than five hundred artists and several thousand volunteers, who personally developed and produced their costumes of the early 18th century. Its name the festival received in honor of the naval officer Peder Tordenskiold, who participated in the Northern War and glorified the Danish-Norwegian fleet. Under his leadership was destroyed the Swedish Fleet, which based in Gothenburg and attacked merchant ships sailing from Norway to Denmark. Later, thanks to his talents Tordenskiold could receive the rank of Vice-Admiral.

Except for the theatrical performances held in the harbor during the Days of Tordenskiold in the city will be held outdoor concerts, where musicians will play on instruments of the 18th century, in many cafes and restaurants in Frederikshavn visitors will be offered a festive menu with dishes from the past made according to the old recipes. On the last day will be held a fashion show, where will be presented old costumes, and in the evening on the Gulf coast will be organized a grand fireworks display.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 23/06/2011

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