Holidays in France: the castle behind the scenes of history

Holidays in France: the castle behind the scenes of history
Holidays in France: the castle behind the scenes of history

France is a cherished dream of many travelers. And not only Paris with the Champs Elysées and the Eiffel Tower, real champagne and Napoleon cognac. For most tourists visiting this country, France remains the world center of culture and fashion. As well as historical monument of the whole Europe, virtually all important events that took place in Europe were reflected in the architecture of this wonderful country. And it does not matter that castles, palaces and other monuments are opened for tourists during several hundred years, they are still in demand. And the museum managers and tourist agencies, in turn, do everything possible to preserve this situation in the future.

So, for example, from June until the end of the summer season, the famous Royal Castle of Amboise (Château d'Amboise) offers its visitors a new tourist program "Behind the scenes of history."

Located in the Loire Valley Château d'Amboise was built by the King Charles VIII in the late 15th century. For its construction were invited the best Italian architects of that time. It is believed that Amboise is the first castle in Renaissance style, built on the French territory. With the history of the castle are connected such famous names of the past as: Mary Stuart Queen of Scots, Catherine de Medici, Henry II and Louis XII. In addition, in the Château d'Amboise spent his last years the great Leonardo da Vinci, whose remains are still kept in the chapel on the territory of the castle.

This year, the Amboise castle for the first time will open for the visitors absolutely all its premises. Tourists will be able to get acquainted both with the life of the kings that lived here and the life of ordinary guards, descend into the underground dungeons and visit the Tower of Minim, which stands 40 meters above the Loire.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 17/05/2011

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