Vacation in Europe in September 2011?

island, Greece
island, Greece

September is velvet season for most beach destinations in Europe. Resorts in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal still celebrating summer and prices for accommodation, meals and entertainments are considerably reduced. Discounts for vacation in September are up to 50% to the August cost. At the same time, many megapolises of Europe also noted at a massive festivals and holidays. So where will we go on holiday in September 2011?

Corfu, Greece

This resort has long become synonymous with summer vacation. However, September presents to amateurs a real Mediterranean holiday in Corfu when crowds of tourists rush back from the beaches and the remaining lovers shall deliver a measured pastime. Rent a villa in Corfu in September is still available on The average water temperature at the coast of Corfu in September is 23 degrees.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is another island in the list of the best places in Europe in September. The swimming season on the island lasts until mid-October, but prices in Sardinia in September are reduced everywhere. Renting a cottage in Sardinia will cost by 15-20% less than in July and August. In addition, in September in Sardinia is an abundance of festivals. Thus, in around of Cagliariin a place Decimomannu, at last Sunday in September will be a bright festival Saint Greca Festival - five days of fun, treats with local cuisine and bright folklore of Sardinia.

Seville, Spain

Seville is an old Spanish town, which is going through tourist boom several times a year, in September can be exceptionally attractive for tourists. A bright culture of Andalusia appears before guests of the city in all beauty at the beginning of September. During the first two weeks of September in Seville will be a bright festival Feria de Pedro Romero - an event dedicated to the inventor of bullfighting. Despite the fact that bullfighting is a taboo in many areas of Spain, in Seville still honor its patron in whose honor people dress up in special costumes.

London, UK

London is this city that does not deprived by events during the whole year. However, September become symbolic month for British travelers - time to return home. Farewell of summer in London are celebrated luxuriantly and lively. For several years the main event for thousands of Londoners and city guests in September is the Thames Festival, dedicated to the main water artery of the city. For those who desire to visit the capital of Britain, portal offers renting of apartments in London.

Photo: Marcus Lenk

Date: 29/08/2011

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