The best shopping center of the world is in Morocco

The best shopping center of the world is in Morocco
The best shopping center of the world is in Morocco
New ultra-modern Morocco Mall shopping center in Casablanca was recognized as the world best shopping center, according to the commercial real estate exhibition MIPIM in Cannes. The award was presented to the Aksal company - general developer of Morocco Mall - on the final day of the event on March 9, 2012.

Morocco Mall shopping and entertainment complex was opened on December 5, 2011.Today it is considered as the largest building of its kind in the Mediterranean region and Africa. Total construction cost of Morocco Mall is estimated at 200 million Euros. The Moroccan company Aksal created this center in close collaboration with Al Jedaie company from Saudi Arabia, which provided for the main share of investment for the project.

The complex is designed in the traditional Maghreb oriental style, with tracery columns and giant roof built-in glass stained windows. The total area of Morocco Mall is about 250 thousand square meters.

Morocco Mall in Casablanca is designed to receive 14 million visitors per year. Shopping center turned out to be an extremely successful project. Its creation began in 2008. By 2010 up to 80% of the retail spaces have already been sold. Now in Morocco Mall 70% of all shops represent popular brands, 20% - premium-class brands and 10% - luxury brands.

The central tourist attraction of the new shopping center is a giant Aquadream aquarium full of colorful inhabitants of the deep sea from around the world. In the center of the aquarium is a panoramic lift, where visitors can make a mini-excursion on the aquarium.

Aksal company, which in addition to Morocco Mall is a franchise holder of such African market brands as Fendi, Gucci and Dior, intends to expand its presence in Morocco. Among the company's plans are new super molls in Rabat and Tangier.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 25/03/2012

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