Christmas in Belgium: horse show in Mechelen

Christmas in Belgium: horse show in Mechelen
Horse show in Belgium will be held on the day after Christmas

Christmas in Belgium offers much interesting, not only during the Christmas sales, but immediately after the holiday. Perhaps the most fortunate this year are the residents of the picturesque Belgian city of Mechelen. Because here since December 26, 2010 will take place Jumping Mechelen, an excellent horse show and the World Cup stage in equestrian in three disciplines: dressage, jumping and driving.

So we can affirm that holiday in Belgium after Christmas promises many surprises. Within four days of the Cup competitions Mechelen will be visited by over a hundred thousands of tourists and fans of equestrian sports from around the world. Because Jumping Mechelen is one of the most important events in the world of equestrian sports. The best jockeys of the world of national and international levels will demonstrate their skills in these prestigious competitions, which will be held simultaneously on two arenas. The sporting events will be replaced with colorful entertainment shows, a parade of elite horses, ponies, competition among the young jockeys and, of course, CDIW FEI Grand Prix and the CSIW-5 * Masters. It is worth noting that this year's Jumping Mechelen celebrates its 30 year anniversary, so its program has a special scale and pomp, and the prize fund of the World Cup will be more than half a million euros.

Located between Brussels and Antwerp on the river Dyle, Mechelen is the capital of Carillon music (which is based on customized bells). Even the Russian expression "crimson bell" comes from the French name of Malines. Therefore, the main landmark of the town is the Cathedral of St. Rombouts, in which at a height of 97 meters are installed 4 Carillons. There is also the world's only Royal Carillon School, and once in 3 years is held an international Queen Fabiola Carillon Competition collecting more fans than the Jumping Mechelen.

It is very simple to get to Mechelen, Brussels or Antwerp is only 30 minutes by train from the town.

Date: 18/12/2010

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