Munich presents the Tollwood Winterfestival

Munich presents the Tollwood Winterfestival
Munich presents the Tollwood Winterfestival
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Since mid-November Europe begins to actively prepare for the celebration of Christmas and New Year. And Bavaria is not an exception, where in addition to the Oktoberfest there are tens of other festivals. All the cities of Bavaria, both large and small, open fairs of Christmas presents and Christmas tree decorations and are held sales and charity concerts. Also in this period there are a lot of various festivals and carnivals. Among them is the annual festival of cabaret, theater and circus the Tollwood Winterfestival, which will begin in the third largest city of Germany - Munich - on November 21. The Tollwood Winterfestival is popular in Europe almost as well as the Oktoberfest as indicated by the fact that during the time of the festival Munich is attended by about a half million of tourists. The most important events will take place in several tents built in the center of the city on Theresienwiese. A distinctive feature of the Tollwood Winterfestival is that this is the festival of different cultures and a festival of contrasts. The slogan for the festival of this year will be "Hell and Paradise", a harmonious combination of polarities. It is an ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said: "The most perfect harmony is achieved when combining the opposites."

The Viewers will be able to visit the circus performances of world-famous clowns and performances of classical theater, located next to the exhibition the avant-garde art gallery of Renaissance paintingsa and to compare the skills of modern dance groups with a performance of classical ballet. Also in the festival program are included the performances of such popular bands as: "The Tiger Lillies Freakshow" (England), the theater “Litsedei” (Russia), +7 Fingers' La Vie" (Canada) and many others. Almost all performances will be premier. In addition in many cafes festival guests can taste dishes of different countries prepared by Thai, French, Italian and German chefs.

Today during the Tollwood Winterfestival at the "Fair of ideas" you can buy really original souvenirs and presents for Christmas and New Year holidays. And children will be certainly pleased with lots of attractions and playgrounds.

The Tollwood ends at New Year's night - it is possible then to see the best performances of the festival, to enjoy live music and performance of DJs.

Date: 12/11/2009


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