Fieracavalli in Verona

Fieracavalli in Verona
Verona holds Equestrian Festival

In autumn Italy offers many interesting events. One of them is Fieracavalli in Verona. The lovers of equestrian and horse-breeding business representatives gather in Verona, Italy, where on November 5 will begin the most popular in Europe International Fair - the Festival Fieracavalli, which is dedicated to the world of equestrian sport.

For the first time this fair was held in Verona on 14 March 1898 and since then Fieracavalli has been held annually. In 1950 it was awarded with the status of "international". This year Fieracavalli celebrates a unique birthday (it will be held for the 111th time), so the organizers have prepared an extensive entertainment program and many other surprises.

Today the Equestrian Festival in Verona is the "event of all events" for all who are fascinated by horses or professionally engaged in horse breeding. Every year at the Fair are sold more than 2.5 thousand horses of different breeds from carthorses to elite racing horses and in addition you can purchase various equestrian accessories: gear, clothing for the equestrian sport, as well as carriages and trailers to transport horses, more than 700 products from 25 countries worldwide. For the fans of spectacular entertainment in the numerous pavilions of the fair are held show programs, which are presented by illustrative performances of jockeys, horse races, riding competitions and rodeo. During the brakes of the performances visitors can dine and relax in the comfortable lounge of the Horse Club, where their attention will be brought to an exhibition of art works. Also any visitor will be able to enjoy a ride in a carriage drawn by four horses.

And in the evening in a specially built pavilion of Jumping Club Verona will be held a great show Horse Lyric, where amazing equestrian facilities will be accompanied by classical music, in addition in the show will take part famous opera singers and popular music ensembles.

For the youngest visitors there will be organized a special pavilion where they will be given their first lessons in riding and they will be able to ride horses, ponies, mules and donkeys. In the same pavilion will be available a special zone with rides, gaming machines, a cinema and a playground.

In 2009, the Fieracavalli coincides with the holiday of the new wine sales, where different varieties of it will be presented in abundance at the fair, along with roasted chestnuts, cheeses and other delicacies, which Italy is famous for.

Date: 05/11/2009

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