Grand Carnival on Cyprus

Grand Carnival on Cyprus
Grand Carnival on Cyprus
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In early February the demand for houses on Cyprus despite the low season begins to grow. The second largest city of the sunny Cyprus, Limassol, is preparing for the traditional Apokreo Carnival, which begins on February 4, 2010 and ends after 11 days on the day of the feast of St. Valentine. As usual the main theme of the Carnival in Limassol is love, and, starting from the 1th of February, along the streets will ride a carriage decorated with festive hearts and invite everyone to participate in the carnival processions and dance programs. On the first days of February in the city will be held several photo exhibitions telling the history of the carnival and will be also the showing of the best carnival costumes of past years, as well as conducted master classes in makeup and manufacturing of ceremonial dress. By the way, this year the city administration has decided to compensate the costs of making costumes for the participants of the procession, which will greatly increase the brilliance and will make the festival more spectacular.

On February 4 at seven o'clock on the carnus navalis (sea chariot) platform decorated with the flower garlands in Limassol will enter the King Heart. Until 2007, in the vehicle was carried the painted doll from papier-mache, but in recent time in carnus navalis in the city enters a living person, who is elected a few months before the holiday from thousands of applicants. This year, this man is a resident of Limassol Akis Titu. The procession will come to the city hall, where during the first shots of firecrackers the Mayor (Andreas Christou) will announce the beginning of Apokreo. From this day until the end of the festival every night in almost all the hotels and nightclubs will be held costume balls, and the city will be organized theatrical performances and carnivals. Celebrations will end on February 14 in Saint Valentine's Day with a big carnival parade, which will take place on the main streets of Limassol.

The roots of the Apokreo Carnival date back to 1890, then people just visited each other and congratulated their friends, but gradually the main role was given to the art of making carnival costumes and street carnivals.

The Grand Carnival in Limassol attracts a huge number of tourists; it pulls to the vortex of holiday and good mood.

Date: 23/01/2010


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