In Greece will be celebrated the No Day

In Greece will be celebrated the No Day
Athens, the capital of Greece is one of the main places of the No Day

Holidays in Greece are held not only during the hot summer months. When the main tourist season in Greece ends, in the country begins another season that in many ways is far more entertaining, it is the season of festivals and holidays. For tourism in Greece autumn can be much more interesting than summer as the period from September to early December has numerous festivals and holidays, which the Greeks hold more for themselves than for the tourists. So on October 28 2009 in Greece will be celebrated one of these holidays. It is called the “No!” Day or the Oxy Day in Greek.

The "No!" Day is one of the most important holidays in the modern Greek history. It is associated with the beginning of World War II. On 28 October 1940 the Italian dictator Mussolini announced to the Prime Minister of Greece Ioannis Metaxas an ultimatum: or Greece allows the troops of Italy to occupy its territory or Italy declares war on Greece. The answer of Greece was given in 3 hours. After reading the text of the ultimatum Metaxas prepared a response. The answer included only one word - "No!", which sounds in Greek as "Oxy". On the same day Italian troops attacked Greece. Persistence, which Greece showed while defending, became the reason for Germany to postpone the attack on the Soviet Union because of the participation in the Balkan campaign. It is believed that the Greek resistance was originally one of the key reasons for Germany's defeat in the war.

On October 28 in Greece is celebrated the day of national resistance. The "No" Day in Greece is primarily military parades that pass through the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki. In addition, during the celebration of such a landmark date in Greece are conducted numerous concerts, exhibitions, fireworks and parties, which attract thousands of tourists. The "No" Day is one of the largest festivals in Greece, which covers the entire country.

Date: 27/10/2009

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