In Spain will be held the Tamborrada festival

In Spain will be held the Tamborrada festival
Tamborrada in San Sebastián
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Every year, over three hundred years in the Spanish city of San Sebastián, on January 20 is held a wonderful Tamborrada holiday, which is very popular among locals and tourists who come specifically to the town in these days. An unusualness of the holiday consists in that the main characters are costumed drummers, whose processions are held throughout the city. During 24 hours (from midnight to midnight) in the usually calm and quiet San Sebastian will be heard a nonstop deafening roar of the drums, which surprises even the admirers of noisy Spanish bullfights.

Exactly at midnight on 20 January the mayor of San Sebastian raises the flag of the city's central square near the Town Hall and this is a signal for a holiday. On the street people come dressed in costumes of military drummers and cooks (the latter as a musical instrument often use pans), day to the adults join thousands of children dressed in costumes of the soldiers of the 18th century. The drums parade ends with grandiose fireworks and ceremonial lowering of the flag.

Tamborrada is a holiday dedicated to the patron saint of the city, after whom it is named. Saint Sebastian is the patron of the soldiers, gunsmiths and cooks. He served as a captain in the Guards of the Roman emperor Diocletian. Turned to Christianity he helped the prisoners of the imperial prison, but was arrested after being denounced and was executed.

San Sebastian is an administrative center of the Gipuscoa province of the Basque Country and is rightfully one of the most beautiful cities in northern Spain. In the local dialect it is called Donostia, thanks to the mild climate and picturesque landscapes San Sebastian has long been famous as a great resort - a place of rest of the aristocracy from all over Europe. The city is located in a small picturesque bay in the eastern part of which is located a hill of Monte Urgull and in the western part is located the mountain of Monte Igueldo. From the peak of Monte Urgull, on which stands a dilapidated castle of Castillo de Santa Cruz de la Mota, opens a magnificent view over the city and its surroundings. Between the mountains stands the islet of Santa Clara.

San Sebastian is also widely known for its arts festivals. So, in July is held Jazz Festival and in late August a festival of classical music. The week in August is devoted to the traditional Basque culture.

Date: 19/01/2010


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