Holidays in Switzerland: a new ski resort for children

Holidays in Switzerland: a new ski resort for children
Saas Fee, the resort in Switzerland

Ski holidays in Switzerland are not only fashionable bohemian Davos and Cran-Montana, but also very democratic resorts for winter vacations the whole family. Recently the Swiss tourism industry began to increasingly focus on family and children recreation. For tourists traveling with children there are numerous incentive programs, all sorts of discounts and bonuses. So not far from the resort of Saas Fee in Kreuzboden children park Kinderland opens the season. Kinderland is superbly equipped; it has its own absolutely safe children area for riding, which is equipped with a special children lift. Here, under the supervision of experienced instructors and teachers the young tourists (from 4 years) will be able to master the difficult, but exciting process of skiing. In addition Kinderland has a pavilion with various attractions, gaming machines and a small cartoon hall. Here is located a children recreation room and a cozy cafe where young skiers will be able to eat after "heavy" exercises.

Saas Fee is a popular ski resort located in southern Switzerland near the border with Italy. Being surrounded by thirteen 4000m mountain peaks, Saas Fee is one of the most high-altitude resorts in Switzerland. Despite the relative youth of the resort (it appeared in the 1950-s) Saas Fee enjoys a well deserved love of tourists and its popularity is growing with each new season, and the resort is called "the Pearl of the Alps." On ecological motives in Saas-Fee is banned car traffic and are used quiet electric cars. To the attractions of the resort can be attributed the Europe's highest railway, which raises the tourists on the top of the Mittel-Allalin mountain (3500 meters). Here is located the highest spinning restaurant in the world, which makes full spin around its axis within an hour, revealing to the visitors such a wonderful scenery that many people forget about the food. Near the restaurant is located a unique cave-museum “Ice Pavilion”, where you can learn everything about glaciers and admire the unusual ice sculptures.

The motto of the resort, approved by the Swiss Office of Tourism is - "Families Welcome" (Welcome to the whole family!). In Saas Fee everything is created according to the needs of children and family holidays. "KIDSHOTELS", the infrastructure, kindergartens, sports schools and much more are built here.

Date: 06/11/2009

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