Zurich invites to the wine fair

Zurich invites to the wine fair
Zurich invites to the wine fair

In the north-eastern Switzerland at the source of the Limmat River is located the town, which is considered as the best in the world in terms of life conditions. It is Zurich - the largest city in the country. Here, in Zurich, on November 4, 2010 will start the country's largest Expovina trade fair of wine, which will be held in the city for two weeks. At Expovina 2010 will be presented wines of the most reputable manufacturers from all around the world. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste and buy both young ordinary and elite vintage wines. In total at Expovina will be presented more than 4 thousand wines from 25 countries. A distinctive feature of this fair is that it will be held on 12 ships anchored at the pier of Burkliplatz.

There are a lot of wine connoisseurs in Zurich. This city is considered as one of the most important business centers in Europe. In Zurich are located the headquarters of the most famous Swiss banks and insurance companies (UBS, Credit Suisse, Swiss Re, Zurich Financial Services) as well as the Swiss Exchange.

But the city of Zurich is not just the city of money and finance companies. Zurich has a plenty of cultural attractions. City Opera Theatre is considered as one of Europe's leading centers of opera and ballet, and amazing acoustics of the Tonhalle hall made it one of the best concert halls in Europe. Zurich hosts more than 60 museums including the Swiss National Museum and more than 150 small art galleries, not counting the huge number of music and concert halls, theaters and amateur exhibition complexes.

In addition, Zurich in are located 106 hotels with 12,000 vacancies. And these hotels has never lacked visitors, in 2007 were registered more than 1 million tourists and some 2 million overnight stays. In addition to the city tourists are attracted by a variety of cultural events and festivals, which are regularly held in Zurich. These are the Zurich Theatre Festival in June, spring send-off of the winter with a parade of the guilds and burning the effigy of winter Boogg, and much more.

Date: 29/10/2010

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