Finland invites to one of the best jazz festivals in Europe

Finland invites to one of the best jazz festivals in Europe
Finland invites to one of the best jazz festivals in Europe

In the Finnish town of Tampere, from 4 to 7 November 2010 will be held one of the best European jazz festivals - Tampere Jazz Happening. All the latest news in the world of musical style will be presented at the main jazz festival in Finland. For 28 years the festival gained considerable popularity of musicians, and on its scene performed the best jazz bands of the world. Tampere Jazz Happening is positioning itself as a "festival of contemporary jazz and para jazz music", which implies the freedom of performers in the musical interpretation. And although it cannot be compared with the Salzburg autumn jazz festival, last year it gathered 10 thousand people. Within Finland this jazz festival is one of the main cultural events of the year. Despite the relatively small number of visitors and quite remoteness from large touring routes, avant-garde jazz performers from around the world are very proud of participating in it. According to general manager of the festival, Annemaje Saarela, success of this event lies in the unity of the 3 concepts: place, time and, what is most important, style.

The place is really unique - two connected station buildings, adjacent to the administrative building, which houses a coffee shop (free for all participants and the press). Three nearest hotels are located just 5 minutes walk from it. All of these amenities, though at first glance seem insignificant, are quite important for both the organizers and for the performers.

During this period - the first weekend of November - the Finns celebrate something like Halloween, and virtually all establishments are closed, which allows devoting time to cultural event instead of shopping.

Style is Tampere Jazz Happening itself. The festival program consists of presentations of groups of diverse musical orientation, from classic jazz to electro-mechanical improvisation. It is held in a very friendly atmosphere with absolutely no spirit of competition. People who love music and jazz just come together and play.

A subscription for the entire festival costs 110 euros, Friday subscription – 40 euros, Saturday - 50 euros.

Date: 03/11/2010

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