Holidays in Croatia: hotels lose, tourists gain

Holidays in Croatia: hotels lose, tourists gain
Holidays in Croatia: against the background of growth in tourist inflow hotels lose money

Depression reigns at the Croatian tourist market. Hotels of the country - one of the main providers of tourism revenue in the budget - up to the first half of 2010 point out the decline in reservations. The number of guests who prefer to holiday in Croatia in hotels decreased according to different estimates for 4 to 6% over the same period of last year. Decrease occurred despite the attempts to save the Croatian tourist traffic by the extension of visa-free entry into the country with several states, including Russia.

At the same time visa-free border crossing itself for several countries has created an interesting situation in Croatia. According to the Croatian edition Vecernji List, the actual number of tourists crossed the Croatian border this year was higher than last year. During five months in 2010 the country entered for 8.7% more tourists than in 2009. It seems that among these tourists dominate those who prefer independent tours in Croatia. For example, among the Austrians Croatia remains one of the most popular destinations for motoring. Already 9% of the total number of Austrian tourists this year went to the resorts of Croatia.

Now we can say that the tendency to reduction of cost for vacation throughout the world was eloquently proved by the example of Croatia. Hotels in Croatia, which, in contrast to other major tourist states of the Mediterranean such as Greece, Turkey and neighboring Montenegro during the past year had been reluctant to reduce the cost of rooms, in 2010 faced the situation when many tourists prefer to spend their holidays in private villas of Istria and apartments in Dubrovnik. Fortunately, these services in Croatia are also widely represented. It is unknown whether this trend will continue throughout the summer season. But even now we can almost confidently say that it is time for the hotels of Croatia to adjust its pricing strategy.

Date: 20/06/2010

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