In Barcelona will be held electro Woodstock

In Barcelona will be held electro Woodstock
In Barcelona will be held electro Woodstock

From 17 to 19 June 2010 Barcelona will host one of the largest festivals of electronic music in Europe - SÓNAR. SÓNAR is a festival, where participants represent the most current trends and styles of modern "electronic". In addition, at SÓNAR demonstrate their abilities representatives of video art, producers of various shows and installers. Thus, the festival goes beyond the classic rave and is a full-fledged cultural event.

SÓNAR is also an exhibition of achievements in music industry. At the festival is working an exposition of the manufacturers who offer their new products and musicians can taste it in action. Yet, the main part of the show is a musical performances and digital shows. They can be viewed in two locations: the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona and CCCB. There will be opened special pavilions: SonarVillage, SonarLab, SonarComplex and Sonarama. Night part of SÓNAR - SÓNAR by night - is a dance party on Calle Botanica.

Participants of SÓNAR can interest followers of different musical styles. Of course, most of the time is given to electronic music. At the current SÓNAR will perform such famous artists as LCD Soundsystem, The Chemical Brothers and Air. Also at SONAR you will be able to see the performance of the once legendary band Roxy Music, headed by Bryan Ferry.

SÓNAR can rightly be called "electro-Woodstock". It is similar to the famous hippy festival both by scope and broad representation of current musical trends. However, unlike Woodstock, recreation for visitors of SÓNAR looks much more organized. SÓNAR is a festival of urban environment, so you will not find mud fields, beer tents and portable toilets.

First SÓNAR was held in 1993. After 17 years the festival has decided to go beyond the usual format. SÓNAR stepped outside of Barcelona. This means that in 2010 the festival will take place not only in the capital of Catalonia, but also, simultaneously, in another city in Spain La Coruna.

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Date: 15/06/2010

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