Holidays in Austria: Salzburg celebrates its Patron Saint Day

Holidays in Austria: Salzburg celebrates its Patron Saint Day
Salzburg – the birthplace of Mozart and one of the most beautiful cities in Austria

In one of the most beautiful cities of Austria, Salzburg, on September 21, 2010 will start bright and colorful festival dedicated to the patron saint of the city - Holy Ruppert.

Salzburg "the salt city" is one of the main tourist centers of Austria is situated on both banks of the Salzach river at the northern foot of the Alps near the border with Germany. Salzburg annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists. Thanks to well-preserved architectural monuments it is often called the Golden City of the High Baroque, in addition, there is always a large number of music festivals that gather music lovers from around the world. It was here where the great Mozart was born, in whose honor is held the world-famous Salzburg Festival. So, it is not surprising that the main source of income for citizens is tourism. However, there is one holiday that is especially popular among the residents and is outstandingly celebrated with great pomposity. This is the feast of St. Ruppert - the most popular holiday of September in Salzburg.

It is the Holy Ruppert who is considered to be the founder of the city and its patron. He also was the first archbishop of Salzburg. Thanks to the efforts of the Holy Ruppert city has been transformed dramatically. At that time began construction of the monastery of St. Peter and was founded the cathedral, and after his death on September 24, 774 the city was ruled not by the secular authorities, but the bishops.

This situation was unchanged until 1800. Now the Day of the Holy Ruppert is a very nice, cozy, even family holiday. The main events take place in the central part of the city on public squares around the Cathedral. Here play brass bands, act theatrical troupes and musical groups, and for children on the central square will be installed huge roundabout and many attractions. During 5 days of the festival will run fair, where everyone will be able not only to buy souvenirs and watch the work of artisans, but also to practice pottery and blacksmithing.

For those who have not had time to get to the Feast of St. Rupert in September in October is given the opportunity to visit the festival of harvest, which will be the center of agricultural and handicraft fairs. On weekends during the festival is scheduled musical and theatrical performances, beer and folk festivals.

Date: 22/09/2010

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