Real Estate in Austria in the sphere of interests of Elena Baturina

Real Estate in Austria in the sphere of interests of Elena Baturina
Real Estate in Austria - ancient villas and houses are promising targets for investment

Wife of the former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov Elena Baturina has never concealed her interest in real estate in Austria. Over the past few days in the Austrian press has repeatedly appeared information that one of the richest women in Russia intends to acquire a number of major objects in the Austrian real estate market. In particular, the Austrian Kurier called Elena Baturina among possible buyers of the castle in Carinthia, which is estimated to 60 million euros.

However, in the sphere of interests of Elena Baturinais not only buying, but renting of property in Austria. On with reference to the Austrian edition Die Presse, the wife of Yuri Luzhkov rented a house near Vienna in March 2010. It was a small cottage with a total area of 150 square meters in the Austrian town of Breitenbrunn - a small cozy village near the main airport of Vienna, 40-50 kilometers from the capital of Austria. Not so long ago, a contract for leasing with the owner of the house Baturina was terminated.

According to the Austrian press, house rented by Elena Baturina probably stood empty during the whole time of the contract. None of the residents of Breitenbrunn saw someone in the house. Austrian edition Kurier quoted the mayor of Breitenbrunn Joseph Trollinger, who would use the opportunity to meet with Elena Baturina to "include her in the list of honorary citizens."

To date, Elena Baturina owns a chalet in Kitzbuel, which, according to, was purchased in 2009 for 25 million euros. Among the property in Austria, which the Austrian media also attribute to Mrs. Baturina are Hotel Grand Tirolia Golf & Ski Resort and villa in Vienna near Debing.

Date: 07/10/2010

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