Spain in autumn: Week of restaurants in Madrid

Spain in autumn: Week of restaurants in Madrid
Spain in autumn: Week of restaurants in Madrid

Madrid is a city of restaurants. There are located restaurants in which description you want to use the word "most", the oldest restaurant, the sportiest, the most expensive or the cheapest, most popular etc. Therefore, visiting Madrid without going to its restaurants is simply blasphemy. The Spaniards themselves prefer to eat in restaurants or favorite cafes without snacks at work or sandwiches for lunch at home.

There are, naturally, no any standards. Someone likes Teatris restaurant, decorated by the famous French architect and designer Philippe Starck, and someone prefers a restaurant with a gloomy atmosphere, known popularly as "El Kommunist". But choosing a favorite restaurant in Madrid is a luxury that not every tourist can afford. In order to determine you need to visit several dozen of restaurants and try at least a standard menu of dishes what is quite expensive. For example, the average meal will cost 40-60 euros per person, and if specials are ordered, the price will increase for 2 or even 3 times.

For people who want to try the maximum number of various dishes in the Spanish capital in Madrid is held Restaurant Week. From October 22 to November 1, 2010, anyone will be able to enjoy a variety of dinners and suppers for only 25 euros. In a fixed cost drinks are not included. In this action, which will be held for the 3th times, will take part over 50 most popular restaurants and day-night cocktail bars in Madrid.

In Madrid, you can taste dishes prepared according to the recipes from all over the country. Many experts even argue about whether Madrid cuisine exist at all. However, everybody unanimously agree that the capital of Spain has enriched with its own recipes the dishes of Andalusians, Basques, Galicians, Asturians and others. In this case, appeared a huge number of dishes and recipes, characteristic to the Madrid cuisine, such as: "kosido madrileno" (Madrid soup), "besugo" (Redeye tarwine), “tortilla” (potato pudding) and kaljos.

Date: 21/10/2010

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