Turkey intends to rebuild the house of the Russian Tsar

Turkey intends to rebuild the house of the Russian Tsar
Turkey intends to rebuild the house of the Russian Tsar

Holidays in Turkey, which is becoming more popular among Russians, is gaining more and more attractive features. Thus, among the latest initiatives that are planned to be taken by the Turkish authorities to attract extra attention to the region among tourists from Russia is the restoration of the hunting residence of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II.

Hunting house of Nicholas II was built in Turkey 113 years ago in the province of Kars, near the small town of Sarikamish in Eastern Anatolia. The desire to restore the former royal palace can be explained by the fact that Turkey intends to strengthen political ties with Russia and plans to attract the attention of tourists from Russia, not only to rest in Turkey at sea, but in the historical areas of the country away from the coast.

The hunting house of the king itself was built in the Baltic style. It was built without a single nail. Restoration of the house according to estimates of the tourist authorities of Turkey will take about two years.

Town of Sarikamish after the Russian-Turkish war 1877-78 year went to Russia and was ruled by the Russian Empire for 40 years. During its stay in the Russian Empire the town was rebuilt and modernized. Today Sarikamish is better known in Turkey as a ski resort. The total length of its tracks is 16 kilometers.

In Turkey, which tries to develop various aspects of tourism, the restoration of hunting residence of the Russian tsar should be an additional way of advertising opportunities of Sarikamisha in Russia as a region for winter holidays.

Date: 05/07/2010

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