England invites to a festival in Canterbury

England invites to a festival in Canterbury
England invites to a festival in Canterbury

In the south-east of England in the Kent county on October 16 will begin the traditional International Festival of Canterbury Arts, one of the oldest art festivals in England and an important cultural event in the life of the county.

Within two weeks, this little old town will be an arena for concerts of classical, jazz and blues music, theatrical performances and film screenings, as well as various entertainment shows. Due to this diversity The Canterbury Festival annually gathers more than 100,000 participants and spectators from all over England (with its own population of only 43,000), because each of them will find entertainment to their taste. The history of the Canterbury Festival begins in 1929, when it was initiated by the Canterbury Cathedral, headed by its dean, George Bell. And although the original repertoire of the festival was not diverse, its popularity was so high that since then the Canterbury Art Festival has been held annually (except for 5 years of World War II).

The festival program this year will not leave indifferent music fans. According to the organizers, it will be visited by Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, leading soloists of which will perform works of famous composers. Both in the original version and in their own arrangement. There will also be organized concerts of folk music of various European countries, and several groups will come from Africa. It is also expected that such famous musicians as trumpeter Guy Barker, the Turkish pianist iditol Biret and many others will also take part.

An interesting feature of the Canterbury Festival is that during it are replicated all British holidays. For example, in early October across England will be held "apple days" - and the Canterbury Festival will organize similar themed activities. The same applies to the festivities in honor of the Battle of Trafalgar and many other events.

In general Kent is well known in England not only for the music festival at Canterbury. Thus, in the middle of the summer at a small resort of Vistable is held the well-known throughout Britain oyster festival.

In addition to the festival itself tourists who came to Canterbury for the first time will be very interested to walk through the streets of this old town and to admire the monuments and hear about its amazing history. It is necessary to highlight the Canterbury Cathedral, the Abbey of St. Augustine and the Church of St. Martin; all of these architectural complexes are under protection of UNESCO and is a world heritage.

Date: 13/10/2010

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