The only nudist hotel in Turkey has not been able to open

The only nudist hotel in Turkey has not been able to open
The only nudist hotel in Turkey has not been able to open

For those who intend to naked vacation in Turkey the news is not very happy. Adaburnu Gölmar Hotel, which could have become the first nudist hotel in Turkey, wasn’t able to start operating. The owners of the hotel stated that they refuse to continue further fight with the tourist authorities of Turkey to extend the license of the hotel, according to the Turkish news agency Doğan news.

Adaburnu Gölmar Hotel, which promised to become the first hotel of the Islamic world for nudists, first opened its doors on April 26, 2010. Picturesque place of the hotel - on the Dacha peninsula near Marmaris - and the uniqueness of its services for the Turkish hotel market promised a successful season to the owners. However, after a week since its opening hotel was forced to close.

Officially, the hotel decided to suspend activities due to the fact that the balcony of the building did not match the original architectural design. Authorities ordered the owners to correct the defect. It should be noted that prior to the opening as a nude, this hotel in Turkey has worked since 2007 as an ordinary hotel without any criticism.

Either way, the owners were quick to respond to the demands of the authorities and changed the architectural style of the balcony. But despite the rapid repair and removal of existing defects, due to which nudist hotel was forced to suspend its activities, Adaburnu Gölmar Hotel failed to extend the license. Failure to obtain the necessary documentation in time led to the fact that the local administration banned the work of the hotel. In mid-June 2010 Executive Director of the hotel Gyurda Yuche in an interview with the Turkish press reported that “the issue of opening of the first hotel in Turkey for nudists is now closed”.

The first nudist hotel in Turkey was built for the foreigners. Turks could not become its guests. At the same time the owner of the hotel Ahmed Kozar planned that his offspring will attract primarily Europeans. According to the director of the hotel, because of the refusal of the authorities to extend the license, were revoked orders of 2700 reservations made in advance.

Date: 23/06/2010

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