Holidays on Crete: Obama and the giant Greek salad

Holidays on Crete: Obama and the giant Greek salad
Holidays on Crete: Obama and the giant Greek salad

Holidays on Crete. Today the reputation of one of the main resort areas of Greece decreased as well as the reputation of the tourism sector of Greece. Frequent strikes in Greece force travelers to abandon habitual Greece in favor of other areas. And Crete is not exclusion. On joyless background in order to draw attention to their own tourism opportunities the Greek authorities seek to use "heavy artillery". Not so long ago the press reported the intention of Barack Obama to spend a couple of weeks on Crete. The Greek edition Eleftherotypia reported that American president might arrive on Crete in late June or early July. For the Greeks, Obama's vacation on Crete can be a "magic wand" that will help to save the remainder of the summer season.

And not only will the name of the American President serve the Greeks as advertising. Perhaps for the arrival of American President, or perhaps Crete residents just decided to hit the rest of the world with a miracle dish. It should be a huge Greek salad. According to the publication of, at the end of June 2010 at the resort of Ierapetra in the south of the island, local chefs are going to become famous not only as cooks, but also as champions. Greek salad, which is to be cooked here, promises to become the biggest salad in the world. Total weight of ingredients for its cooking will be about 11 tons.

One of possible reasons for making such a giant salad, which can get into the Guinness Book of Records, Crete called the revival of the ancient custom - tomato fighting. The success of the "Tomatina" - tomato fights in Spain - reminded the Greeks about their ancient traditions beat each other with ripe tomatoes. Ierapetra is known among others as a traditionally fertile region. So the organizers of both events are sure that there won’t be lack of products. Either way, the official start date of tomato fighting and salad cooking is not yet known.

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Date: 20/06/2010

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