On Malta opens a three-day marathon

On Malta opens a three-day marathon
On Malta opens a three-day marathon

From 26 to 28 November 2010 on Malta will be held the main sporting event of the island - a three-day marathon (Malta International Challenge Marathon). Everyone of every age, sex and skill level can take part in the competition without exception. Length of the route on which the participants will run, is 42 kilometers 195 meters, it is a distance that without stopping ran, according to the legend, the Greek warrior Fidippid after the Battle of Marathon to Athens to announce the victory of his compatriots. Given that the length of the island of Malta is only 27 kilometers, the organizers had to work hard during the preparation of the route. It became possible by deepening the tracks in picturesque corners of the countryside, through many villages and towns.

At ten o'clock in the morning on November 26 all lovers of athletics (it is expected around 1.500 participants) will gather near the main gate of the ancient capital of Malta, Mdina, where the marathon will be started. The marathon finishes on the beautiful embankment of Sliema - Malta's most fashionable city.

However, in comparison with similar activities in other countries, Malta International Challenge Marathon has some differences. Marathon is divided into three stages: 11.195 km, 6 km and 25 km; each stage takes a whole day. This will allow the athletes and their fans to get acquainted with culture and sights of the island, spend some time on excursions and other entertainment. In addition, such division of the route into small stages will equalize chances for the victory between people of different athletic training, although the Malta International Challenge Marathon, as well as at the Olympic Games, has the principle "it is not important to win but to participate". Therefore absolutely all marathoners, who overcame three stages of the competition will receive medals, diplomas, certificates and, of course, unforgettable impressions. Winners will also be awarded with special prizes, including cash.

Malta International three-day marathon is not the only mass sporting event on Malta. With the support of national associations on the island is annually held a large number of sporting events, of both local and international level, such as cycling, table tennis, water polo, wrestling, fencing, racing and, of course, diving.

Date: 03/11/2010

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