Roxette world tour starts in Kazan

Concert of Swedish pop-rock band Roxette
Concert of Swedish pop-rock band Roxette

Today for the first time in the last ten years will begin a world tour of the famous Swedish pop-rock group Roxette. According to the RIA Novosti news agency the world tour will include over 50 concerts in more than 25 countries around the world, and the first performance of Roxette will take place on the stage of the sports center "Basket Hall" in the Russian city of Kazan.

Roxette rock band traditionally performing songs in the genre of pop rock, rock and blues in English appeared in 1984. The Swedish duo consisting of Per Gessle (song and music writer, guitar, vocals and harmonica) and Marie Fredriksson (vocals, piano) gained the world popularity in 1989. Then the famous hit «The Look» led the American hit parade and the soundtrack to the "Pretty Woman" film with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in the leading roles, where Roxette «Listen to your heart» single became a hit with 9 million copies sold around the world.

During the current world tour Roxette will give over 50 concerts in 25 countries. Following the concert in Kazan the musicians will perform in Samara (March 3, 2011), Yekaterinburg (March 5, 2011) and Novosibirsk (March 7, 2011). In the current world tour concerts there will be no concerts in the Russian capital, Moscow. Also Roxette concerts will be held in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The full program of the Roxette world tour 2011 is the following:

2011.03.03 - Palace of Sports Samara, Russia
2011.03.05 - Palace of Sports Yekaterinburg, Russia
2011.03.07 - Siberia Arena Novosibirsk, Russia
2011.03.10 - Exhibition Center Kiev, Ukraine
2011.03.12 - Minsk Arena Minsk, Belarus
2011.03.14 - Siemens Arena Vilnius, Lithuania
2011.03.16 - Riga Arena Riga, Latvia
2011.03.18 - Saku Hall Tallinn, Estonia
2011.04.02 - Velodromo Montevideo, Uruguay
2011.04.04 - Luna Park Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011.04.05 - Luna Park Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011.04.07 - Orfeo, Córdoba, Argentina
2011.04.09 - Movistar Arena Santiago, Chile
2011.04.12 - Pepsi on Stage Porto Alegre, Brazil
2011.04.14 - Credicard Hall Sao Paulo, Brazil
2011.04.16 - Citibank Hall Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011.04.17 - Chevrolet Hall Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2011.04.19 - Credicard Hall Sao Paulo, Brazil
2011.05.08 - Grand Arena Cape Town, South Africa
2011.05.10 - Grand Arena Cape Town, South Africa
2011.05.11 - Grand Arena Cape Town, South Africa
2011.05.13 - The Superbowl Sun City, South Africa
2011.05.14 - The Superbowl Sun City, South Africa)
2011.05.15 - The Superbowl Sun City, South Africa
2011.05.20 - World Trade Center Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2011.05.25 - Macka Kucukciftlik Park Istanbul, Turkey
2011.05.27 - Terra Vibe Park Athens, Greece
2011.05.29 - Georgi Asparuhov Stadium Sofia, Bulgaria
2011.05.30 - Zone Arena Bucharest, Romania
2011.06.01 - Budapest Sport Arena Budapest, Hungary
2011.06.03 - SFZ Schwarzl Freizeitzentrum Graz, Austria
2011.06.05 - O2 Arena Prague, Czech Republic
2011.06.06 - Steel Arena Kosice, Slovakia
2011.06.09 - Plenen Bergen, Norway
2011.06.11 - Zitadelle Berlin, Germany
2011.06.12 - Hessentag Frankfurt, Germany
2011.06.15 - Völkerschlachtsdenkmal Leipzig, Germany
2011.06.16 - Tanzbrunnen Cologne, Germany
2011.06.19 - Torwar Warsaw, Poland
2011.06.24 - Audi Werksgelaende, Neckarsulm, Germany
2011.06.25 - Audi Sportpark, Ingolstadt, Germany
2011.06.27 - CEZ Arena, Ostrava, Czech Republic
2011.07.07 - Stavern Festival Stavern, Norway
2011.07.09 - Bospop Festival Weert, Netherlands
2011.07.14 - Moon and Stars Festival Locarno, Switzerland
2011.07.16 - Nordkalks Dagbrot Pargas, Finland
2011.07.22 - Tivoli Copenhagen, Denmark
2011.07.24 - Slottsskogsvallen, Tivoli

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Photo: Malin Kettil

Date: 04/03/2011

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