Cottages United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Some twenty years ago Dubai was rather a modest fishing village and the word United Arab Emirates had no associations with the dream vacation. Instead of it there was the picture of deserts, adventurous camels and traders…

All this is wrong and nowadays a holiday in the United Arab Emirates offers a great number of various amenities one could wish for.

On the Arabian peninsula there is an amalgamation of different sheikdoms. The most famous is arguably Dubai, an embodiment of decadence and luxury. The famous seven-star hotel Burj Al’Arab and artificial palm island in the sea are only two of many extravagances among the others.

Dubai is a kind of the Middle East Las Vegas. It is a city that was built in a very short time. It is fantastically clean and has all the modern amenities that one can wish for. I.e. the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a first class hotel with the private beach. It is highly recommended because the public beach is often not very clean and then offers little shade. Incidentally, it is rather unusual to rent a cottage in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai and the less well-known but equally rewarding Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, are primarily shopping heavens. Here you can relax, enjoy and spend money.

The largest attraction of the Arab Emirates in addition to its minarets and mosques is actually the desert! Nowhere you will find better sand than here. Even days after an expedition it can evoke memories of the skin. Driving a hummer with an Arab guide finds often in the column; who is bold can take a ride on the sand dunes. An authentic Arabian dinner in the desert completes the day in style.

Photo: Angelika + Peter Baczkowski

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