Cottages Rogaland

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from 1399.00 NOK / night
from 1500.00 NOK / night
City Housing - Lagårdsveien 17
Stavanger, Norway
Terrasse Non-Smoking Rooms
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Holiday Homes in Rogaland

What it means to order property in Rogaland on the portal online? Users has a chance to rent apartments on many variations: the number of stars, size of rooms, terms of parking, pool in Rogaland.

Initally it is fast. Vacationers get the opportunity to define full range of features for selecting of townhomes in Rogaland - from costly apartments in cottages in Dirdal to the availability of swimming pools in lofts in Vikeså. So, for the attention of tourists on a number of resorts of Rogaland is available leasing of boats
Secondly is B&B villas offers in Rogaland are published on the / with minute info of location of the hotel, including category, photos of rooms, etc.
And finally - intelligible reservation in Rogaland. You can send an email to the proprietor in Rogaland for additional news about offered B&B villas.On the site / location of holiday homes in Rogaland can be immediately found on a special online map.

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