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Lucca, Italy
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The wooded Garfagnana is included into the province of Lucca and the scenic Apuan Alps is a very important important component of Tuscany. It is worthwhile to visit this Tuscan province once as it is visited not very often though it is one of the most interesting areas of Tuscany. But it is the fact that the province of Lucca is more interesting with its scenic nuances than by cultural monuments. You can spend hours here in the clear air wandering and always go back to the natural beauty of the landscape dominated by Acacia delight. From an altitude of about 1000-1300 m, the vegetation changes a little and now it is characterized by rather low plants, such as thistles and a variety of flowers.

The tourist interested in culture comes to the area of Lucca at his own expense. The region around Lucca impresses with its beautiful diversity of noble villas. You will find 3 of the most famous Tuscan villages in the haze of Lucca. Firstly, the Villa Reale that was occupied by Napoleon’s sister, Elisa Baciocchi around 1800. The Villa Mansi was already built in the 16th century. During that time it was renovated for several times and beautifully redesigned. Noteworthy is the parking situation of great beauty and then it is a home to many exotic plants. The Loggia columns and various statues are also remarkable, both are in the Park as well as in the villa and you can visit them all. The establishment of the Baroque period is almost completely preserved and have everything in a very good neat condition. The third villa in the league is Villa Camigliana that impresses by its immense size. Similar to the Villa Mansi there are various columns and statues here, too. Here you are to visit a collection of paintings by Italian, French and Flemish painters that is really striking.

Photo: Gianni

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