Cottages Cres

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from 35.00 EUR / night
from 59.00 EUR / night
Apartment Lena
Cres, Croatia
Garden Non-Smoking Rooms
from 60.00 EUR / night
from 54.00 EUR / night
Studio Cres 7984a
Cres, Croatia
from 75.00 EUR / night
Villa Goga
Garden Terrasse Family Rooms Non-Smoking Rooms
from 51.00 EUR / night
Apartment Cres 7984a
Cres, Croatia
from 64.50 EUR / night
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B&B in Cres, villa rentals in Cres, apartment rentals in Cres

Serviced apartments in Cres, Croatia: desired search.Vacation rentals in Cres: organize recreation to Croatia online. Selecting of homes for leave in Cres for May in Cres. Homes for online searching on the site /

You should to select price for hostels in Cres for June? Would you like to select the photos of the hotels in Cres? Or you must get the information about bonuses and extra facilities in hotels of Croatia? Concrete information for any of the hotels in Cres, taking into account latest costs on staying, number of stars, fitness facilities and location you can see this resource.

You can get in contact with the owner in Cres for minute features about wanted holiday rentals.
To choose cottage rentals in Cres you should visit our web-page, contact the owner of a house or apartment in Stivan and begin to pack your bags for holidays in Cres.

Photo: Dago Wiedamann

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