Family house rentals

Staying with children - while choosing the variant of the rental for holiday it is necessary to consider not only price. Independence, space, closeness to the nature - these are the qualities that are important when choosing a home for a family holiday. What else is necessary to consider when renting a house for a family with children?

On this page we present a list of criteria for selecting home for a family holiday at the resort. We placed the criteria in order of importance. In parentheses is indicated the approximate percentage while formation of the rental price. Visitors of the portal can also add to the list their reviews. The criteria:

- Number of bedrooms (15%)
- Furnishings (5%)
- Proximity to the lake (10%)
- Proximity to the forest (5%)
- Climate (5%)
- Equipment (air conditioner, microwave, fridge, TV, etc.) (10%)
- Neighbors (2%)
- Attractions (amusement parks, water parks, monuments, nature reserves, etc.) (4%)
- Pool (7%)
- Garden or a playground (2%)

When renting a house for a family there are two payment options: payment for the entire house and payment per person. In the latter case there is age gradation for the children. House owners at sea resorts in Europe, as a rule, do not take money from children under the age of 12, or take half of the amount. For the young child may be paid a separate cot.

To date on is presented a number of cottages, houses and villas for family holidays. Booking of cottages online is available for the most popular family vacation destinations:

Czech Republic

Features of choosing a dacha

Renting of a cottage for the family - this option is the most popular in Russia over the past hundred years. When choosing a dacha some criteria are the same as for resort houses, but some differences still exist. For example, many parents prefer to rent cottages with saunas. Many prefer sauna rather than a shower with hot water. The proximity of the store, as well as train station is still among the important factors.

Recreation and rentals with pets

Many families have pets. To take or not to take pets - success of holiday often depends on the decision on this question. Renting of a house - it is also possible to take a pet with you. It is worth noting that many homeowners indicate the maximum size of the animal. Therefore, when booking the cottage online, pay attention to the conditions of staying. It is also important to note that the deposit, which the guest pays after the arrival, is increased if there are any pets. Anyway, on there are lots of offers for houses at different resorts, where is available staying with pets.