The biggest brothel in Europe opened in Catalonia

The biggest brothel in Europe opened in Catalonia
The biggest brothel in Europe opened in Catalonia

In the tiny town of La Jonquera, which is located in the north Catalonia, almost on the border with France, recently opened Europe's biggest brothel. Paradise is the name of the new brothel, which fully occupies 12-storey building. And although its sign reads "Night Club", according to the official documents, it is registered as a brothel.

In Paradise in addition to the dance hall and striptease bars there are 60 deluxe rooms with total area of 2700 square meters. Customers will be served by 160 girls and this is despite the fact that the total population of La Jonquera is only three thousand inhabitants. According to the owner of the Paradise, Jose Moreno (who was twice tried for human trafficking, and only six months ago was released from prison), the main customers will be tourists from neighboring France, where such institutions are prohibited by the law, and girls of easy virtue cannot attract prospective clients and even try to talk to them risking of being fined.

Before the opening of the Paradise, the largest institution of its kind was considered to be "Pasha" brothel, which is located in Cologne (Germany). It is smaller only for 5 rooms and 10 staff members.

Actually, according to popular belief, Spain is considered to be very conservative Catholic country. However, it has more than 5,000 officially registered brothels and in prostitution are engaged more than 330,000 women, though mostly foreigners and illegal emigrants. Most brothels are found in Catalonia, where their work is regulated by the local legislation (there are no such acts even in "emancipated" France). The only thing that is required is strict observance of certain health standards and guarantees of working conditions for the staff. Spanish law prohibits panders to take money from prostitutes, which means that the brothel owners can earn money only by "leasing" rooms.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 18/04/2011

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